Stranger Things are Happening at Baskin Robbins


We've got Stranger Things themes ice cream desserts here at Baskin Robbins! Limited time only!


Demogorgon & upside down sundaes

Try one of our Demogorgon sundaes made with very berry strawberry ice cream topped with strawberry topping and sprinkles. Or grab an upside down sundae. Similar to our traditional sundaes, but made completely upside down!



We've got a new frozen drink for you to try! It's made with our lemonade mix, blended with your choice of ice cream! Try it with vanilla for a traditional flavor, or add any other flavor to get a unique treat!


Other Mechandise

We're selling Stranger Things T-shirts, stickers and magnets; as well as a new Baskin Robbins exclusive Funko Pop designed after the show!